Crypt2Pos – the platform that allows shops to connect their POS terminal to accept payment in the cryptocurrency, and give customers the opportunity to pay for goods and services in the cryptocurrency. Crypt2Pos mobile application will be available for download soon.

  • Utilization of the top mining pools
  • Ability to pay with popular crypto-currencies
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Crypt2Pos platform can be used for:

  • Payment by cryptocurrency at any point where POS terminals are connected to the Crypt2Pos platform
  • Transfers to cryptocurrency wallets or bank cards
  • Conversion of various types of crypto-currencies


As the popularity of cryptocurrency grows the need for a more comfortable way to use them has become urgent. Currently a lot of people have certain amounts of digital money on their wallets which they can not use in their day to day life! Not so long ago it was difficult to imagine that it would be possible to pay with Bitcoin or some other popular cryptocurrency in a shop. The Crypt2Pos platform will change your understanding of using digital currency.


  • 4 quarter 2017 Development of the project concept В этот период будет выставлено на продажу 350 миллионов Токенов, а цена одного Токена составит 0.05 $
  • 18.02.2018 - 03.04.2018 Main part of ICO During this period 350 million Tokens will be placed for sale and the price of one Token will be 0.05$.
  • 3 quarter 2018 Launch of a marketing company В этот период будет выставлено на продажу 350 миллионов Токенов, а цена одного Токена составит 0.05 $
  • 4 quarter 2018 Product launch Планируем запустить нашу платформу. К этому моменту в ней будет реализован функционал для: Оплаты услуг и товаров в магазинах, обмена криптовалют по выгодным курсам, переводов на счета блокчейн-кошельков с минимальной комиссией, прямой оплаты услуг, платежей по QR-коду
  • 1 quarter 2019 Listing the CRPOS tokens on the market We will begin listing our CRPOS Tokens at the top cryptocurrency markets and make them the leaders of ICO projects during 2019.


The Crypt2Pos team has been on the payment systems market for over 10 years.
There are ex - employees from banks, payments services and other organizations in our project’s team.

Nick Petrovski
Over 10 years of experience working in chief positions in financial companies.
Nina Zamburova
A professional in accounting and financial statements.
Anton Aksatov
Possesses deep knowledge of internet marketing and positioning of financial products.
Alexander Dizhanov
Possesses deep knowledge of internet marketing and positioning of financial products.
Martin Lobanovskiy
Cryptofan and blockchain developer is a developer with extensive experience in IT companies.
Maksim Ivashin
Leading project manager and business consultant of our company.
Vladimir Antonuk
Implemented dozens of international innovation projects.
Anna Evseeva
Professional PR manager with experience in international companies.


What services could based on Crypt2Pos OpenAPI ?

Using the OpenAPI of the Crypt2Pos platform, a number of services can be organized:

  1. Cryptocurrency wallets
  2. Loyalty programs
  3. Payments using cryptocurrency and tokens
  4. Cryptocurrency exchange
  5. Automatic regular payments in cryptocurrency
  6. Invoicing systems in cryptocurrency

How can you use Crypt2Pos for business ?

For using a Crypt2Pos platform you will need to install a POS terminal in your store and connect to Crypt2Pos platform. After that, depending on the original POS terminal’s settings the payment in cryptocurrency will be done in two ways:

  1. Directly on the organization’s crypto-currency wallet in the seller’s cryptocurrency
  2. Converting through the exchange to the required currency at the best exchange rate
For organizations who connected POS terminal to Crypt2Pos platform the following functions will be provided:
  1. Receive crypto currency payments via POS terminal
  2. Convert to the desired currency for later withdrawal to a bank account
  3. View transaction history
  4. Manage payment information
  5. Filter by: currency, payment time, purchase methods

For users of the Crypt2Pos mobile application, the following functions will be provided:

  1. Payment for services and goods in stores
  2. Exchange of cryptocurrency at profitable rates
  3. Transfers to the blockchain-wallets with a minimum commission
  4. Payments by QR-code where POS terminal connected to Crypt2Pos platform

Crypt2Pos mobile application will be available for download soon via the IOS App Store or Android Market

What are the objectives of the project ?

The main mission of the Crypt2Pos project is to provide an opportunity for customers to pay with cryptocurrencies, and sellers to accept crypto-currencies for payment. According to our forecasts, soon any popular crypto currency will be instantly transferred to any local currency anywhere in the world where non-cash payments through contactless payment terminals are possible. Such transactions will be faster, cheaper and safer than similar transactions in any bank with a currency. At the same time, sellers will not notice the difference: they will receive payment in the currency indicated in their platform settings. Now it is currently impossible to pay for goods or services or replenish your account with cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency wallet owner can exchange cryptocurrency on the exchange himself and use phiatic money to pay for goods. It will take a lot of time to do the transaction and visit an exchange point. Unlikely someone will follow this procedure to buy something in a shop. It is possible to do all of this instantly using Crypt2Pos platform. After the user choses crypto-currency in the Crypt2Pos mobile app the platform does everything itself, including exchanging and paying in phiatic currency. The user only needs to press the «Pay» button,hold his phone close to the POS terminal and scan QR-Code

What is the Token role in our project ?

CRPOS token is a utilitarian token. This product is not a digital (electronic) currency, value paper, a product or any other type of financial instrument. It is a way of paying the system’s commission. Crypt2Pos searches for an optimal rate for the current transaction at the current moment in all exchangers , integrated with the Crypt2Pos platform and creates a corresponding lot for purchase or sale of cryptocurrency on the chosen exchange. This insures the user gets the best exchange rate for his transactions. There is a discount on the system’s commission for the token holders.

What is a POS terminal ?

A POS terminal is an electronic technically-programmed device for receiving payments via cards; it accepts card with chips, magnet line and non-contact cards, as well as other devices with non-contact interface.

Token sales open
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