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Where to buy and market Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies? This ultimate guide can allow you to learn the art of intelligent trading. We’ll examine top-11 Bitcoin and crypto trading platforms 2019, and discover out which salient characteristics compensate for an adequate exchange platform. Ultimately, you’ll understand Precisely the trading platforms fulfilling your needs & needs ideally


Disclaimer: The view expressed here isn’t investment advice — it’s supplied for informational purposes only. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the view of U.Today. Each investment and each of trading involves risk, and that means you always need to execute your own research before making decisions. We don’t advise investing cash you can’t afford to lose.

Since they had been established, cryptocurrencies started altering the electronic market and are slowly being introduced to real life. Therefore, the number of platforms enabling to exchange Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies is increasing at a high pace.

Despite a high number of trading sites and programs, it is difficult to generate a decision — not all them are equally acceptable to suit your needs and prerequisites. With this ultimate manual, you’re going to find an insight in the worthiest crypto trading platforms, their attributes, and powerful sides.

Before we dive into testimonials, let us figure out exactly what makes an adequate trading platform.

Mission-critical points to Take into Account

The amount of security and security. Fortunately, the vast majority of BTC exchanges guarantee tight safety of the goods, so you don’t need to be worried. Why is a trading platform secure? To begin with, usage of SSL certificate (you will see the HTTPS from the site’s URL) prevents leaking of consumers’ personal data.

  1. Coinbase

All the clients’ funds traded on the stage have been covered by insurance, protecting them against loss in the event of technical failures or hacking.

The one thing you should take into consideration is how Coinbase is not acceptable for novices — it must preferably be used by experienced users.



High liquidity

Optimal limits

Immediate purchase alternative

Transactions with bank transfer take as many as five times to be processed.

Coinbase monitors where you invest your crypto and cubes some users from buys from the darknet.

  1. Coinmama

Coinmama is just another famous digital platform for measuring BTC and distinct coins. Each and every single day, over 200,000 surgeries are done on this site. Coinmama is very good for buying all popular primary altcoins and BTC. Clients can purchase crypto using cards and debit. But, Coinmama does not give the alternative to market your coins just like that.

Anyhow, the platform is currently working in over 226 countries and is currently available in half of the US states. In terms of their buying commission, they bill a 5.5% commission for every purchase, together with Visa cards requiring an additional 5 percent. According to Coinmama, many banks and credit organizations contemplate obtaining Bitcoins as a loan, which causes higher exchange costs.

Additionally, Coinmama has market limitations based on account confirmation. The more private info is offered by a customer, the higher the greater is that the trade limit. The cheapest exchanging limit daily is $10,000 — rather a lot, is not it? When you supply all affirmation subtleties, the system will eliminate all daily transaction limitations.

So, why you ought to think about Coinmama?

The platform shows live pricing of coins from both USD and Euro.

Coinmama supports different languages to continue being suitable for customers from several regions around the world.

Purchase of Bitcoins can be obtained.

Selling its assets, Coinmama eliminates middlemen, which excludes the threat of asset overpricing.

Over 200 crypto coins have been encouraged.



Offered in several nations

Reputable and reliable platform

High limitations for BTC performance with bank cards

Very Significant fees compared to counterparts

  1. Kraken

Launched in 2013, this is among the most significant BTC trading platforms. It gives dependable and useful trading instruments for both consumers and completely complies with the instructions determined by the SEC. At the moment, it provides 15 trading pairs.

Kraken has created the picture of a trusted platform. Truth be told, following the Mt. Gox hack, the company has been chosen as the sole trustee of their remaining assets in the infamous site. Among the principal reasons to opt for this platform is reduced commissions: manufacturer and taker prices vary from 0% to 0.26percent — far lower than Coinmama! There is also BTC pricing to Bloomberg terminal.

Think about Kraken thanks to these details:

Kraken supports trading of USD, Euro, along with some other fiats.

Customer service is offered round the clock.

Numerous trading applications and functions are all supplied.

Trading charges are more than reasonable.



High liquidity

Supports all basic crypto resources

Great for experienced traders

Slow processing period

Arbitrary closing of balances

  1. Luno

Luno is a system that allows customers to swap Ethereum and Bitcoin along with other fiat financial forms. At the moment, the market has limited its actions to Europe, Indonesia, and a couple of African nations.

Luno provides various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, EFT, GT, GIRO, bank transfers, plus a couple more choices. It boasts a moderate exchange rate of 0.25%, nevertheless it may vary based upon the trading set.

Luno has limitations of the everyday trading amount; the limitation also depends upon the total amount of private data supplied by consumers. An entirely verified accounts comes with an exchanging threshold of $100,000 monthly or its own crypto equal.

Furthermore, there’s a mobile program for Android and iOS to exchange crypto on the move.

Why utilize Luno?

It provides easy procedures to swap fiat financial kinds for BTC and distinct cryptographic kinds of cash.

Luno allows obligations with fiat.

It supports bank transfers and transfers, making it quite suitable for customers from all around the world.



Reliable and reliable exchange

Free deposit and best withdrawal charges

Perhaps not the best BTC pocket for storage

  1. Bittrex

This stage boasts a large number of users with respect to ditching Bitcoins. Bittrex is exceptionally popular as a result of its intuitive navigation and easy-to-understand interface.

Bittrex enables customers to swap over 190 coins via different pairs. This US-based website is just one of several crypto organizations remaining under the rigorous control of the official labs, which adds safety. It abides by laws and regulations to guarantee the safety of their clientele.

Bittrex includes a crystal clear signup process requiring your email address along with a good password. To be able to withdraw cash, you ought to confirm your identity with an ID card/passport, utility charge, along with your mobile phone.

Additional verification increases the daily trade limitation. In any case, you are going to have the ability to prepare 2-factor authentication.

Bittrex has the following excellent characteristics:

Users may buy or market over 190 crypto coins.

Bittrex uses many safety attributes including the two-factor affirmation and encryption of consumer details.

Works across the world.

It has a very easy-to-understand interface suitable for both novices and advanced users.



Enables trading 190+ coins

Intuitive UI

Abides by legislation

Much personal information must eliminate exchange limits.

It is a crypto-to-crypto market only, meaning you can’t make any payments or swap fiat.

  1. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is among the most well-established players from the world of crypto exchanges for beginners. It’s quite like Bittrex, but it permits users to take care of fiats such as USD, EUR, and GBP. Bitfinex boasts enormous turnover quantity, therefore liquidity is not ever an issue whilst buying or selling within this platform because it normally positions among the Top-10 on CMC.

Bitfinex platform UI isn’t littered and provides clear guidelines on each page, revealing how to market and buy currencies with no hitch.

Likewise, to start on Bitfinex, you need to register, confirm your ID, and confirm your profile. It frequently takes 15-20 business days after submitting your ID to be a normal platform consumer. Incidentally, should you want trading on the move, Bitfinex presents mobile applications with precisely the exact same functionality.


Why contemplate Bitfinex? Apart from using a vibrant user interface, it costs from 0.1% to 0.8 percent.

Bitfinex works across the planet with the exception of a few nations and the US.



Lets working with both crypto and fiat

High liquidity

Mobile program

Too long is required for account confirmation

  1. is a favorite trading platform which enable clients to buy and market BTC and distinct coins. It helps for trades with lender trades and bank cards. also enables its customers to swap Bitcoin for 4 fiat currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, and RUB). The system boasts low commissions, a relatively large exchange rate, and speedy access to the very popular trading monies, for example ETH/BTC.

This exchanging device gives low spreads, faster exchange rates, and speedy access to liquid crypto pairs, for example as ETH/BTC. It may be accomplished through the internet interface or using a cell program. fees are extremely moderate, and rely on which job you choose — manufacturer or taker. Fees range between 0 percent -0.20%. Additionally, traders operating with higher amounts are billed reduced trade prices.

This is why you need to think about ensures greater liquidity via its order book, which supplies them using this liquid resources.

The site has rigorous security control and supplies 2-step authentication. charges quite low prices.

The platform allows for measuring both fiat and electronic kinds of cash — it is suitable for many users. boasts adequate customer care and retains your investments secure.



Dependable and Dependable platform

Low transaction fees

Bank withdrawals could be costly.

BTC cash transfers are somewhat complicated.

  1. Binance

Binance is the world’s biggest trading platform which combines a huge set of tools, including wallet and exchange. In any case, you may gain from Binance Labs and Charity information. Binance also owns its proprietary coin named BNB that is used to carry out crypto-to-crypto payments. Binance supports 130+ distinct coins, therefore it is a excellent location for purchasing crypto.

However, two variations of Binance are extremely distinct: the one for novices with fundamental features is quite convenient. The complex version is more difficult to comprehend. Binance has roughly 0.05-0.1% charges, which is fantastic. Most assets have profound markets, which makes Binance good for both novice and seasoned dealers.

Another thing which makes Binance exceptionally convenient is multiple languages — that is why it attracts users from all around the world. There is a mobile program for various OS, too.



Low transaction fees

Convenient Standard Edition

No trade with fiat

  1. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is among Europe’s favourite Bitcoin exchange sites — really, a few crypto users call it”Europe’s Coinbase”. Surprisingly, it is an Australian-based endeavor that supplies users with suitable trading tools.

Right now, it supports 16 cryptographic kinds of cash.

Clients may also use 4 fiats to purchase coins on the stage such as EUR, GBP, CHF, and USD. Three decades back, it had been rewarded to be the maximum trading fintech startup that is set to accelerate execution of cryptocurrency in Europe.

Why contemplate Bitpanda?

To every new consumer, Bitpanda supplies a free wallet to put away their resources for trading.

It’s one of those rare platforms which offer 24/7 customer support for every single client.

Use of fiat currencies is permitted.

Bitpanda functions several forms of payment such as lender exchanges, Visa and Mastercard, money, SOFORT, Skrill, and Neteller.



A Lot of payments approaches

No Significant hacks happened lately

Fees are not disclosed (about 2 percent )

A Couple of altcoins available


  1. KuCoin

KuCoin is a superb cryptocurrency exchange platform which has obtained a great deal of props and acclaim throughout the past half of annually. It is not surprising considering that the team creating the job and also a convenient, intuitive user friendly interface. Incidentally, the stage was set in 2011 and has gained great reputation during those years.

In terms of liquidity and trading volume, KuCoin rankings among the top 25 deals on CMC and retains adding new coins/tokens within their collection of available tokens. The stage is praised because of its heavy focus on safety too.

In the investment perspective, KuCoin’s native token (KuCoin Shares) will be ideal for holding since it supplies some passive income in trade prices (holders receive a 1% reduction for each 1000 KCS sold). 1 remarkable thing that lots of novices miss is that KuCoin is among those infrequent exchanges which pays you NeoGAS for maintaining NEO onto it. Fees are mild.



Low prices

Passive income for indigenous coin holders

Safe and Dependable

No fiat is encouraged

The Site can be slow through traffic peaks

No mobile program

  1. Huobi

This is among those rare crypto exchanges which still have not established their existence in the United States. This trading endeavor was created in China and supports approximately 250 electronic currencies. Huobi has two unique variations: Huobi OTC (permits printing of crypto with fiat financial forms at no cost ) and Huobi Pro (frees additional monitoring capacities). Huobi is also likely to establish a crypto exchange fund (ETF) to be known as HB10.



Broad choice of cryptocurrencies

Around-the-clock Customer Care

Moderate fees

Has falsified trading volumes

Mostly Acceptable for South-Asian viewers

As you see, there is an infinite selection of BTC and crypto trade/exchange sites and programs. But they encourage various monies and have various attributes, so it is vital to decide on a choice that meets your own requirements. Hopefully, this guide has given you a much clearer image of the highest trading platforms. Now you know their weak and strong sides, building a choice will be a lot simpler.

Please note 1 thing: these programs must rather be utilized for active markets and trading. If you elect for a long-term crypto storage alternative, have a look at our listing of BTC pockets.

Trade attentively, and all the best!